Artistas / Canada / Mohawk

Hannah Claus (b.1969)

Ugstaqamuit: Nous venons d’ici/This is where we are from, 2013 Porcupine quills

Cloudscape, 2014 (photo Woodland Cultural Centre)

Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada); raised in nearby Saint John; lives in Montreal, Quebec. Euro-Canadian and Tyendinaga Mohawk heritage. Member of Bay of Quinte Mohawks First Nation in Ontario.

Some reading and watching


Claus completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal in 2004. In 1997 she received her Associate of the Ontario College of Art and Design Diploma with Honours in Fine Arts from the OCAD in Toronto. In that same year she produced her first installation, dialogue-complicité, exploring the idea of cross-cultural communication. Claus was raised to think of herself as Mohawk and European. In producing dialoguecomplicité Claus responded to multiculturalism’s interest in diversity as well as postmodern theories of identity current at the time, both of which fostered investigations into individual experience (oswego). In her artistic practice, she explores the relationship between the material and immaterial through a process-based approach.

Some collections

  • Canada Council Art Bank
  • Contemporary Art Collection of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Museum London (Ontario)
  • Musée de la civilization (Québec)

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