Artistas / Creek / Muskogee / Osage / United States

Anita Fields (b.1951)

Woman of the Stars, 1994 (polychrome with terra sigillata, gold leaf, and sawdust; 27.5×16.25×6 in.)

Three dresses, 1995 (Terra sigillata, gold leaf, sawdust; 19.5x8x3, 18x10x4, 17.5x11.5x4 in. Photo by Sanford Mulden)

Three dresses, 1995 (Terra sigillata, gold leaf, sawdust; 19.5x8x3, 18x10x4, 17.5×11.5×4 in.
Photo by Sanford Mulden)

Striped Woman (clay)

Grew up in Hominy, Oklahoma

“Clay sculpture, contemporary ceramics, traditional Osage ribbon work, arts educator.   Also Osage In-Lon-Schka Hominy committee cook, specialty-grape dumplings.” (artist’s website)

Some reading and watching


Anita Fields is a well-known clay artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oklahoma State University and additional training at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Her residencies provide a safe learning environment that nurtures self-discovery and the creative process. Students will learn hand building and pinch techniques, and shape clay forms based on individual ideas and creative expression. Stories and poetry are read to create a strong visual language, which students translate into their own works of art. (Oklahomaartscouncil) “My work is an extension of my intuitive self and represents the search for expressing the essence of my being. My work is narrative, relating stories from the realm of personal experiences. It is about clarifying elusive, intangible moments of time, truth and place. Ideas are informed by memory and recalling instances of certainty; the comforting smell of cedar smoke, sounds heard during the quiet arrival a new day, and moving over the earth on ground I know my grandmothers moved on before me. The clay is soft , malleable and easily articulated into symbolic elements alluding to the presence of nature and human emotions. Shaped, pressed and arranged forms serve as metaphors for personal and cultural ideology. My creative efforts are how I acknowledge what I know to be true. It is the language I employ to define my place within culture and the world.” (Lovetts)

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