Artistas / Lakota / United States

Linda Haukaas (b.1957)

Quilling Society, 2010 Historic ledger paper, ink, colored pencil 29.2 x 44.5 cm (Brooklyn Museum)

Women’s Dance at Okreek, 1995 Colored pencil, ink and graphite on paper 21 x 26 7/8 in (Peabody Essex museum)

Artists Release Their Souls, 2008

Chase the Art Patron, 2006 color pencil and ink on 1880s ledger paper

Some reading and watching

  • Richard Pearce, Women and Ledger Art. Four Contemporary Native American Artists, University of Arizona Press, 2013

Some exhibitions

Some collections


Linda Haukaas recreates 19th-century ledger art within a modernized context, often addressing themes not usually dealt with in the historical ledger drawings, such as the life of Native women. Haukaas, who has conducted research on Lakota art in museum archives and collections, breaks new ground as a female ledger artist defying the tradition of this male dominated genre. Using the same drawing media as her ancestors combined with antique ledger paper, which she collects specifically for her work, Haukaas introduces the woman’s perspective into ledger art. She creates not only depictions of the ceremonial lives of women and children but often interjects also humorous, political, or ironic twists that critique both historical and contemporary social issues pertaining to Native American populations. (Hood Museum)

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